An Overview of Bounty Hunting

Red Tiger Gaming is getting ready to launch yet another Western-themed slot machine. The Wild West’s colorful cast of characters and quirky antics has made it a fan favorite for decades. This time, the spotlight is on the mysterious bounty hunter, a character who is not as common in video games.

Even more unexpectedly, the protagonist is a female bounty hunter. However, other than a little character shakeup, and an okay function, there isn’t much more to be extremely jazzed over. Once we’ve explored its universe of good guys, bad guys, and badasses, we may all make our own decisions.

It can’t be denied that Bounty Raid is aesthetically beautiful. Red Tiger’s wares, whatever else you may make of them, are rarely unappealing visually. The reels, which are the typical 5-reel, 10-payline setup, are framed in a curving design like a saloon with skulls on it. The backdrop is a high-octane chase seen through the eyes of a bounty hunter. It’s a bit distinctive and along with the soundtrack provokes a wonderful initial impression.

Next, choose your stake, anywhere from 10 percent to $100 (or equivalent in other currencies) and get in on the Western action. RTP is lower than average for a Red Tiger slot machine at 95.71%. It’s not a tremendous drop, but it is cause for concern when weighed against the abundance of Western slots that provide superior statistics. With a 3 out of 5 for both hit rate and volatility combined with the low potential, this isn’t exactly a hard-core bounty quest.

The game’s rules are deliberately straightforward, beginning with the use of only 10 paylines. As you might assume, winning combinations are created when three or more identical symbols appear on a single active payline, starting at the leftmost reel and moving clockwise.

Something about the Wild West lends itself perfectly to slot machine themes, and the possibilities for symbols are particularly rich in this setting. The suites of diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades (all with steel overlays) are the first symbols on the Bounty Raid paytable. Boots, hats, saddles, firearms, and a ton of gold coins round out the high pays. The reward for a full house varies from 1x for the clubs to 8x for a full house of gold chests. Interestingly, Red Tiger has opted out of including a wild symbol, but we’ll get into all the other unique symbols that can increase your payouts in the next section.

Highlights from the Bounty Hunt

The rough-riding bounty hunter is the game’s main attraction and the driving force behind the game’s single function. You don’t want to cross this fierce lady, who appears as a non-paying scatter symbol on the third reel, sized 1×2. Once she touches down, the Bounty Hunter respin feature locks all visible bandits on the reels.

Now, the respin feature is reactivated whenever a new bandit symbol or gold coin sign appears. Each bandit shows a prize which is accumulated as the feature advances, delivering individual values of up to x50 at the maximum. If no additional symbols arrive, the sum of the bandit values is determined and distributed.

During respins, the Sheriff symbol and the Gold Coin sign can appear. The worth of all currently visible bandit emblems increases whenever a gold coin drops. When the Sheriff lands, he collects up the outlaws and uses their combined resources. Any reel besides the center one can only feature one Sheriff at a time.

Conclusion of Bounty Hunt

The game’s decent music and visuals, an area where Red Tiger typically excels, gave Bounty Raid a positive first impression. Bounty Raid started off well, but after a few spins it was like taking a few swigs of pappy’s moonshine: things went downhill fast.

A lack of motivation is a major problem. Bounty Raid is lacking in nearly every category except its nice Wild West vibe. Features, excitement, and potential are all severely lacking. Some players, enamored by the notion, will undoubtedly sign up for a casual raid. It’s puzzling, though, because there are so many better Western-themed slot machines out there.

It’s not often that you hear about female bounty hunters (with the exception of Domino Harvey), so props for the girl power! Aside than that, however, Bounty Raid offers very little in the way of excitement. Potential is a significant disadvantage. Few actual bounty hunters would take on the contract at 1,000 times the stake. It just wouldn’t be worth their effort. Especially considering the iGaming Wild West offers more larger jackpots, better returns to players, and more engaging gameplay elements. When it’s going really well, the respin bonus isn’t terrible. Still, once you’ve seen a show, that’s it for you, as Daffy would put it; there are no more performances like that.

In closing, perhaps Bounty Raid will fit those dipping a timid toe in the Western genre for the first time and don’t desire too wild a trip. It turns out that not everyone dreams of barebacking the wildest bronco in the stable. However, most people are looking for value for their money, and Bounty Raid isn’t likely to provide that.

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